North Lake – Marlborol Noir

As you may have realised by now I am a bit of a fan of John Talabot. From ƒIN to his new mix for DJ Kicks and his live shows he has been keeping it fresh. I have been enjoying a recent 3 hour session he performed at Button Factory in Dublin and one track that grabbed me was a killer dark house track that seemed to sway and ebb around the room.

The track was Marlborol Noir by North Lake. North Lake was also featured on the DJ Kicks mix, in fact he started it off. It seems that John Talabot likes this guy, I like him too. Also known as Isaac Delongchamp, North Lake’s new EP Moonwalker features three live analogue tracks that are too good to ignore.

Marlborol Noir is deep, heavy and slow. Weaving its hypnotic, jazzy synths around creating an intense atmosphere. This is sexy music.

You can listen to the entire EP above or check out the John Talabot mix below:

Moonwalker is out on Phonica Records.



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