Mark McGuire – In Search Of The Miraculous

I was deeply saddened by the news of Emeralds breaking up in 2013. First Mark McGuire left and then Steve Hauschildt and the band dissolved in to nothing. Emeralds’ second album Does It Look Like I Am Here? was an ambient masterpiece of the likes I hadn’t heard since Boards Of Canada. The song Now You See Me is one of the most stunning electronic songs I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

Thankfully the bands legacy has been continued in solo releases by both Mark McGuire and Steve Hauschildt. Mark McGuire’s first solo release was in 2010 wile the band was still together, called Living With Yourself it used primarily guitar and recorded samples to create something lovely. Something to relax, read and enjoy the summer to. Since then he has continued to be productive, notably working with Trouble Books and now is set to release his first solo album since the Emeralds split called Along The Way.

In Search Of The Miraculous is the first release from the incoming album and its a beaut. Incorporating a larger mixture of instruments than before, including harps and drum machines all performed by the man himself to a sublime level. It feels like a true successor to Emeralds. What a pleasure.

The album is out on Dead Oceans. Have a ganders at the art below and check out The Instinct, the second release from the album. Ace stuff.



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