Wild Beasts – Wanderlust


Working life is a drag. Time is a precious thing and very little has been allocated to the curation of this blog in the last month or so. Music has fallen by the wayside every so slightly and I hope to change that.

What better way to do that than with the release of a new Wild Beasts track. Wild Beasts have been one of my favourite bands for a while now. Creating intelligent indie rock music with a talent and subtlety that is a step ahead of their contemporaries. Deft lyricism and multi-layered instrumentals carry their music forward into something special. This is helped along by the unique voices of Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming that offset each other perfectly.

The release of the bands first song in three years heralds the announcement of their fourth album Present Tense. As I expected Wanderlust has gone down a more electronic route, re-inventing their sound into something fresh but one that is still distinctly Wild Beasts. Cold, bassy synths start off the song before Hayden Thorpe’s countertenor voice cuts through with the same lusty lyricism that added a real edge to their brilliant third album Smother.

‘Don’t confuse me with some one who gives a fuck, in your mother tongue what’s the verb to suck?’


Present Tense is due to be released on February 25. Check out the album art below. This is one not to miss.



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