Michael & Mattis – Hoes Before Bros

Following the release of John Talabot’s excellent DJ Kicks mix his Hivern Discs imprint has announced it is set to release a new EP from the New York and Oslo pairing of Michael & Mattis. Not too much is known about this pair, as of now I haven’t been able to find a picture of them both online which will slightly break the visual nature of my front page (enjoy the back of John Talabot instead). Oh well, the song is too good to pass. I have grown a lot of respect for John Talabot that I now trust everything that gets released via Hivern Discs. This does not let down.

Michael & Mattis blend elements of dance, hip hop and funk into their music, feeling similar to Talabot’s work but a lot more playful. The title track from their EP of the same name samples A Tribe Called Quest to great effect, creating a hip house (should that be a new genre name?) piece of dance pleasure. Also, are those cowbells?

Have a listen above and grab hold of the new DJ Kicks if you haven’t already.



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