Stanislav Tolkachev – Heartbeat

I discovered Stanislav Tolkachev’s music through a recommendation from Nina Kraviz. I tend to listen to Nina, she is too sexy to ignore and thankfully her music is also pretty great. What a recommendation it is. Stanislav Tolkachev makes some of the best techno I have heard in a long while; experimental, beautiful and both light and dark. The beats he produces feel so solid and assured it is incredible that this man is not more celebrated.

Thankfully he is starting to get more attention which has led to the release of his first solo 12” via M_Rec called Depth Of The Light EP. Most exciting for me is a release from March via Mike Parker’s Geophone that features the stunning roster of Voices From The Lake, Shifted and of course Stanislav Tolkachev himself.

His track from GPH19 is the aptly named Heartbeat. The heavy and fast moving drums flutter throughout the track in the way your heart starts beating after a shock. The underlying melody slowly drifts back and forth creating a dark tone that helps move the track forward into infinity. It feels momentous and over-powering and would be perfect playing inside a huge warehouse or cathedral, the deep bass shaking the ground and walls.

This man is one to watch. I feel like he will soon make it as one of the greats of the genre.

He’s convinced me.

1. Voices From The Lake – Reptilicus

2. Mike Parker – Mnajdra (Shifted Remix)

3. Stanislav Tolkachev – Heartbeat

4. Mike Parker – Mnajdra (Original Mix)



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