Wolfey – Samsāra (This World of Death and Radiant Beings)

Occasionally a track comes along from a new artist that sounds very special. More often than not in electronic music new producers try and stick to the trend of what is developing at the moment. They release good music but it doesn’t sound that different to what is already on offer. Wolfey seems to be trying to do something different. The Vancouver based producer combines R&B and soul with elements of techno and house to create something that sounds truly unique. Two years ago he released his debut EP Sleep Country  and it was very well received but he hasn’t released anything else until now.

Samsāra (This World of Death and Radiant Beings) is a beautiful piece of chilled out tech-house. It’s light to the touch, chords and drums flourish in a way that almost feels religious and the title of the song certainly hints on that. The spoken samples fade in and out like a shout echoing throughout a mountain valley. The piece is melodic, head pumping and relaxing all at the same time, a hugely promising release from this obscure musician.

Have a look a the music blog he curates here. It is pretty ace. His new two track EP should be out soon on Hybridity.


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