News: Mogwai Announce Their Latest Album – Rave Tapes

Mogwai are a special band for me. Along with Radiohead they were the band that truly opened my eyes, or should it be ears, to music when I was younger. I believe Young Team to be one of the best albums ever made, it is an absolute masterpiece. They have continued to make intense, beautifully crafted post-rock since then culminating in the excellent Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will in 2011.

I saw them play at Greenman Festival a year after that release and it was one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Pure passion and skill resulted in an assault of noise that filled the Welsh countryside, blasting it into submission until all you could do was nod your head back and forth to the rhythm. Such ability and stage presence comes from years of making and playing their own unique sound, distinctly Scottish and distinctly Mogwai.

Today they have announced their new album Rave Tapes and I am so excited. Due to be released on January 20th in Europe through their label Rock Action it has been produced in collaboration with Paul Savage who worked with them on Young Team. If that isn’t enough to wet your appetite you can listen to the first new song Remurdered above. Remurdered slowly builds, featuring distinct Mogwai sounds and structures, until it explodes into a piece of dirty synth magic. It goes right through you and leaves you breathless but wanting more.


1. Heard About You Last night
2. Simon Ferocious
3. Remurdered
4. Hexon Bogon
5. Repelish
6. Master Card
7. Deesh
8. Blues Hour
9. No Medicine For Regret
10. The Lord Is Out Of Control



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