DJ Rashad – Let U No (feat. Spinn)

Footwork has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Chicago. Starting off more as music as a function to move your feet the refinement of the genre over the past few years has turned the relatively obscure Chicago beats into a force to be reckoned for. At the front of this movement is Rashad Harden, also known as DJ Rashad, who is creating intelligent and thoughtful electronic music steeped in the history of Chicago and footwork. Taking inspiration from masters such as John Cage and Steve Reich DJ Rashad’s music aims to push forward the genre but also keep that addictive and invigorating feeling you get from it, combining melody with pumping bass in a way that feels fresh and new.

Let U No (feat. Spinn) is the epitome of this. A piece that is completely absorbing, warm and gentle but also something that would kill on the dancefloor. This collaboration with DJ Spinn feels uncluttered, the beats are kept from over-powering the tune and the ace vocal sample lifts it to another plane entirely. The song is from DJ Rashad’s new album Double Cup, his first for Hyperdub, and one of the best releases of the year. Footwork has finally reached maturity and Rashad Harden with his Teklife crew are the drivers of this.

Also this looks like the most fun Boiler Room ever.


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