Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat & R&B Mix

Dan Vidmar can’t not make sexy music. Following Still Not FallingSecond Heartbeat is the second song to be released from the new Timeshare EP. Soul music seems to be having a renaissance at the moment, Rhye are just stunning, and Shy Girls seem to be following in their footsteps. Second Heartbeat feels very 90s, its slow, loving and verges onto the good side of cheesy production. This is something to groove to.

Dan Vidmar stated that ‘The Timeshare EP is, I think, a more finished product that runs a little deeper. And it’s more about time spent with others, as opposed to time spent alone.’ via Hunger. His previous EP Sex in The City was more about loneliness, this is about being with your loved ones, and that is what it feels like. Have a listen to the track above or check out an R&B mix he made for the interview on Hunger below.




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