John Talabot – Without You

You get a sense of worldliness when listening to music dedicated to the producers home town, a feeling that this music has a real connection to the person who has crafted it. This is turn makes that music sound even more sincere and loved, something that will hopefully start a connection with yourself.

The Barcelona based DJ John Talabot’s latest project is the creation of a mix for !K7’s DJ-Kicks series. “I wanted to do something special”, explains the Barcelona based DJ. “I thought that it would be good if people could discover what my influences are, where I’ve come from, the people that I admire and tracks that have been important to me over the last ten years, plus some tracks on my label that have never been released.” This mix takes it back to the beginning of his career, the beginning of his love of electronic music, and we get to hear how that passion grew.

Without You is a new John Talabot to be released with the mix, and it is a beauty. High pitched soaring vocals and beats that make you want to move. It feels atmospheric and nostalgic. I cannot wait for this release.



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