Mixes: Silent Servant

John Juan Mendez a.k.a. Silent Servant makes dark, almost brutal, techno music inspired by obscure post-punk. His 2012 album Negative Fascination was only 40 minutes but covered so much ground that it feels vast. The album’s gothic and alien with undecipherable vocal samples and intense bass thundering throughout.

While his previous release was ominous and scary his recent mix Songs For Sleep is almost blissful. It is still dark but more ambient and experimental, combining the droaning beauty of Fennesz with the creepy ramblings of Psychic TV. This is one of the most intriguing mixes I have heard all year, give it a listen and see what you think.


SS/S // Siglo 2

Psychic TV // The Full Pack

Rene Hell // Gas

Philippe D’Aram // Canis Lupus (Fascination Soundtrack)

Love Cult // Fingers Crossed

Dirty Beaches // Floating Underwater Watching Waves

Broadcast and The Focus Group // Investigate Witch-cults of the Radio Age

Robert Turman // Flux 3

Pink Industry // Situation

Puce Moment // Video DADA

Kendra Smith Presents the Guild of Temporal Adventurers // Iridescence 31

Fennesz // Shift

Avrocar // Vayleen

Samuel Kerridge // From The Shadows that Melt Flesh (2)

Thomas Leer & Robert Rental // Interferon

Tropic of Cancer // Fall Apart ( DIJ)

Also have a listen to Invocation Of Lust from Negative Fascination and if you like what hear check out a Boiler Room session he did last year.



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