Lorde – Tennis Court

16 year old New Zealander Ella Yelich-O’Connor a.k.a. Lorde has had a monumental rise in the last six months. I first found her through the ace website disco naïveté and got hold of her The Love Club EP. This was a short piece of refreshing and original pop music, lyrically and vocally mature. Two tracks stood out The Love Club and Royals, since then Royals has toppled the abusive Miley Cyrus and topped the US billboard chart making her the youngest artist to achieve this in 25 years.

Her debut album Pure Heroine is now out and proves that Royals wasn’t a one hit wonder. She has been unfairly compared to Lana Del Ray, unlike Lana this music is not manufactured and definitely comes across as real and considered. Lyrically this feels very different to any other mainstream pop music being released at the moment, it is jaded, dark and makes fun of the mainstream sneering at what is being played on the radio.

Tennis Courts is the first track on the album and features punchy minimal production and sinister but bright vocal harmonies. It tells the story of her quick rise to fame, her ambition and her inevitable loss of fame when she is forgotten about in years to come. This is a modest thought, someone with this much talent at 16 years old is going to be around for a while.

The video is also an impressive piece of work. It is unsettling, over three minutes of Lorde staring at the camera without moving her mouth apart from the bassy ‘Yeah’.  It feels as if she is singing the song through expression alone and fits with the tune perfectly. Have a listen and a watch and then grab hold of the album, pop music doesn’t get much better than this.



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