News: Stream Four Tet’s new album Beautiful Rewind

Oh what a pleasure. Four Tet continues his reign as king of UK electronic music with his stunning and unique new release Beautiful Rewind. This is his first full length of original material since 2010’s There Is Love In You  and it may be his best release yet. We have already heard Kool F.M. and Parallel Jalebi but now we can stream the whole album following its release today.

It is varied and fast paced. Brutal in some parts and sublime in the others. The real achievement here is making the album flow as a whole. No track feels out of place, they all seem to work together as a piece, bouncing off each other. The ending two tracks Unicorn and Your Body Feels are especially beautiful and close off the album perfectly.  Kieran Hebden certainly deserves his status and this diverse piece of work proves it.

1. Gong
2. Parallel Jalebi
3. Our Navigation
4. Ba Teaches Yoga
5. Kool FM
6. Crush
7. Buchla
8. Aerial
9. Ever Never
10. Unicorn
11. Your Body Feels



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