Mixes: Yosi Horikawa

Japanese producer Yosi Horikawa has a distinctly unique approach to production. His early DIY bedroom work expanded from using his voice and other sounds into venturing outside into nature and recording anything from flowing water and birdsong to ping pong balls. His first EP Touch was released via Eklektik Records and since then he has worked with Jesse Boykins III among others and released his debut album Vapor on First World Records.

Here Yosi Horikawa shows off his signature sounds to the Boiler Room during the First World Records Takeover Show. It’s really worth a listen if just to check out someone unlike anyone else working today. Organic and experimental it really draws you in.

Here’s the tracklist:

0. Kalimba – Intro
1. Bump – From the album Vapor – http://goo.gl/YSav8n
2. Aotearoa – http://goo.gl/WCQE3T
3. Red Sound with Dorian Concept – http://goo.gl/3Pqz8v
4. Splash – Vapor
5. Wandering – Vapor
6. Letter – Vapor
7. Kingdom of Frogs – Vapor
8. Maki – Vapor
9. Grandpa – Vapor
10. Passion – From Nihon Kizuna – http://goo.gl/9evJ5


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