Au Revoir Simone – Somebody Who

There is a lot of hype surrounding the release of Haim’s debut album Days Are Gone and this makes me wonder why there isn’t the same amount of hype for the release of Au Revoir Simone’s new album Move In Spectrums. There are a number of similarities; they are both American, both consist of three female band members and both make indie pop that attempts to break the mould of what has come before. The lack of hype surrounding Au Revoir Simone’s new release is most likely down to the fact that this band is not new, this is in fact their fourth studio album, and as we all know the music industry loves new.

This is a shame as this piece of work deserves to be heard. Their style of dream pop is coming back into fashion, this is their first album in four years, after the fall of chillwave and pop musics decent into the darker world of dubstep and house production.  Their sound feels more refined, mature and very now. Somebody Who is an 80s inspired slightly off kilter synth piece of pop magic. Have a listen above and enjoy the soft drums, smooth synth and pitch perfect voice.



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