Nils Frahm – Says

Nils Frahm’s music has always been a bit magical. He appears to use his piano in a way no one else seems to be able to. Melding classical and electronic sounds into experimental, minimal but most importantly beautiful music. For his tenth release Spaces, which was recorded over the space of two years, Nils has made an album full of what he refers to as ‘field recordings’. These field recordings are a collection of live and studio performances recorded in different locations using various mediums including portable reel to reel recorders and cassette tape decks. This is his ode to the live concert album in a way only he could do it.

Says is a movement away from his usual compositions, a song that those who listened to his brilliant 2011 release Felt will find quite unfamiliar. This is not a bad thing though, on the contrary this new stance still feels very fresh and a development of his music. Incorporating more electronics than usual, creating an almost sci-fi experience, the tune gradually builds into a stunning crescendo of twinkling piano and alien production. Have a listen above and a look at the album art below.




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