Clams Casino – Crystals


Video games are an interesting media. Trapped in the middle of a ‘can they really be art?’ debate developers are turning to contemporary and critically acclaimed artists to help provide increasingly impressive music for their soundtracks. The National provided a beautiful track for the ending of Portal 2 and more recently Baths announced he was helping to soundtrack a new game in development called Hyper Light Drifter, you can hear his song in the game trailer.

Amazingly, in a move that is tempting me to buy a games console, Flying Lotus has a radio station in GTA V dedicated to his tracks and the artists he has chosen such as Outkast, Shadow Child and Aphex Twin. Most excitingly he also invited Clams Casino, for me the best hip hop producer working at the moment, to write a new track for FlyLo FM.

Crystals is his new track and you can download it here or listen on soundcloud. Featuring typically ace vocal samples and dark bassy beats this goes hard and doesn’t let up. Turn up your speakers.


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