London Grammar – If You Wait

London Grammar have had a lot written about them recently and rightly so. They seem to have exploded on to the music scene coming from nowhere with their signature sound. Blending the soaring vocals of Hannah Reid to the excellent almost dance floor production by guitarist Dan Rothman and multi-instrumentalist Dot Major (great name by the way).

Their debut single Hey Now was a devastatingly beautiful lament to lost love set to a subtle guitar melody that serves to show off Hannah’s voice to great effect. This song kicks off their new album If You Wait which continues to impress the whole way through.

I wasn’t sure if London Grammar would be able to maintain the thrill of their new releases in a full length release but they do. Every song fits neatly into their style and this doesn’t get boring due to the skill of the trio.

One of the best tracks on the album is actually a cover of Kavinsky’s Nightcall featured on the film Drive a movie that I can imagine was very influential for the band. It not only features an excellent soundtrack but also seems to fit their electronic melancholic motif in terms of style and imagery.

This really is an impressive release from a band that have truly made their mark. They’re going to blow up soon.


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